Pak Pak Pakaak Marathi movie Watch And Download

Pak Pak Pakaak Marathi movie Watch And Download

Movie- Pak Pak Pakaak (पक़ पक़ पकाक)
Genre: Comedy
Release Year:
Company: S O C Films
Producers: Ashish Rego
Ex-Producers: Ulhas Shevale
Director: Gautam Joglekar
Story: Gautam Joglekar
Screenplay: Gautam Joglekar
Dialogues: Sanjay Mone
Lyrics: Shrirang Godbole, Jitendra Joshi, Sanjay Mone, Gautam Joglekar
Music: K.C.Roy, Ashish Rego
Singers: Ravindra Sathe, Sudesh Bhosale, Vaishali Samant, Shreya Ghoshal, yash Nervekar, Vinod Rathod, K.C.Roy & Nana Patekar


Story – Pak Pak Pakaak is a Marathi movie about a small naughty boy and a supposedly ghost living in a forest. The story is conceptualized by Sai Paranjpe and is very similar to her 2001 movie ‘Bhaago Bhoot’. The story is of a parent-less little boy, chiklu who plays pranks on everybody in the village. Her old grandmother is also fed up with his activities that she resorts to punish him now and then. The village is surrounded by a big forest which inhabits a ghost named as ?bhootya?. The villagers are afraid to venture into the forest alone in the fear that they will be harmed by bhootya. Bhootya is actually a herbal doctor living in isolation from the society. He has been wronged and his wife killed which makes him loose hope and trust in humanity.Chiklu while playing another prank on his teacher ventures into the jungle to find he facing Bhootya. After some confrontation, Chiklu and Bhootya accept each other. Bhootya teaches Chiklu to be good and Chiklu convinces him to come back to the society which he had shunned long back. Just as Chiklu changes, he understands the changing attitude of others toward him. He understands that earlier people who had cursed him were appreciative of his behaviour.The journey of Chiklu from being a naughty brat to a nice well-mannered boy is what constitutes the rest of the movie.In spite of having a small boy as a central character, it cannot be termed as a children’s film. I would call it rather a fun film to be enjoyed by everybody.


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